Motsunabe Yamamoto



Motsunabe  is a beef intestines hotpot that originated in Kyushu. Motsunabe Yamamoto has one of the best motsunabe in Kobe city. This is truly a restaurant for locals, no English menu.  But ordering  is simple If you just want to eat Motsunabe.  Price is 1800 yen per person.    Motsunabe course is 3000 yen.  Be advised the garlic is very strong.

Motsunabe was originally


5 Chome-1-6 Kamisawadori, Hyogo, Kobe city, Hyogo

Postal 652-0046


Yakiniku Wakita Wagyu



Yakiniku is Japanese Barbecue.  It is reasonably priced but portions are small.  It is better to go with a group and enjoy cooking your own large meal with many kinds of meats, seafood and vegetables.


2-8-16, Nishikamitachibanadori, Hyogo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo, 652-0033





Sushi Isshin kobe

sushi Isshin kobe


I highly recommend Jo nigiri.  It comes with  raw shrimp, abalone, eel, sea urchin (uni) and toro.  You can eat at the sushi bar or at a table.  If you love sushi you really need to stop by Isshin.

6 Chome-1-5 Shinkaichi, Hyogo, Kobe, Hyōgo Prefecture 652-0811, Japan


Kushikatsu Inada

Kushikatsu in Minatogawa


Inada Kushikatsu is located in the Minatogawa Shoutengai.  You walk right up and just pick what you want and eat right there (standing only) no chairs.  When you are done you leave your wooden skewers (kushi) on the counter and settle your accounts.

I picked potato. It’s outside was crispy and crunchy with a moist potato inside.  Dipping Sauces are available but remember no double dipping, it’s the rule.


Kushikatsu in Minatogawa





Source Pizza & Italian



Source Pizza & Italian restaurant is located in the Chuo-Ku Sakaemachi-dori.  It is amazing Italian cuisine.  They serve pizza and pasta dishes for  lunch and fine Italian cuisine for dinner.




5 Chome-1-1 Sakaemachidōri, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyōgo-ken

Postal 650-0023



Awajiya Dagashiya

Awajiya Dagashiya sells old style candies. ( Dagashi Shop)

Dagashi refers to cheap candies and snacks for children. Dagashi has been around since the Edo period (1603-1868).  Most kids bought Dagashi until 1975.  After 1975 Japan developed westernized supermarkets.    The owner is very friendly.  Small crepes 100 yen, Large 200 yen.


Famous Dagashi in Kobe city


7 Chome-3-6 Kasamatsudori, Hyogo, Kobe, Hyōgo Prefecture 652-0864





Otani Kaitsuboyaki

tsuboyaki kobe city

Otani Kaituboyaki is a long time favorite of Kobe locals.  Clam soup is cooked in the shell.  They are open until 2:00 AM popular for after late night drinks.  Located in the soap land area.

container is Shellfish



15-15 Fukuwaracho, Hyogo, Kobe, Hyōgo Prefecture 652-0036



Awaji Island Umemaru

Awaji Umemaru


Umemaru is located within 10 miles ( 1.6 Km ) of Awaji Farm Park England Hill.  It is a Two floor fully immersive dining experience, hotel (ryokan) and hot spring.  The interior is a very traditional Japanese setting. 

Umemaru serves the freshest seafood all year round. Of course the ocean is within view from of your dining area.



Awaji Umemaru



1137-9 Anaga, Minamiawaji, Hyōgo Prefecture 656-0661, Japan


Issen Yoshoku Gion Kyoto

Issen Yoshoku Gion Kyoto


Issen Yoshoku serving juts one menu item it is Kyoto iconic food “Issen yaki”.


Issen Yoshoku Gion Kyoto



issen shokudo kyoto



Issen Yoshoku Gion Kyoto


〒605-0073  Kyoto-fu, Kyoto city Gionmachi Higashiyama-ku, Kitagawa 238

Kitchen Origin

Bento Kitchen Origin Kobe City

Kitchen Origin is sell Bento Box, pay by weight from buffet.

Bento Kitchen Origin Kobe City


Bento Kitchen Origin Kobe City


1 Chome-4-13 Shimosawadori, Hyogo, Kobe, Hyōgo Prefecture 652-0047, Japan